United Kingdom

                  x2 Brass         


                   Blackern Brass


 Unofficial 1942 Company Sniper. 47th London Division





                           Circa 1949









           Anodised Aluminium Gold                             Anodised Aluminium Silver



                   1960 Pattern

              Most Infantry Regiments                                            Light Infantry                                                  Royal Irish Regiment


             2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles                                            6th QEO Gurkha Rifles                                     Duke of Wellington's Regiment


                 Royal Green Jackets



             Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment                  Royal Regiment of Fusiliers              Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters


          Green Howards


                     Household Division






                  Household Division (Used)





               Duke of Wellington's Regiment                           


               Made in Hong Kong 1970s

                2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles                                    6th QEO Gurkha Rifles  



                          No.1 Dress, Bullion 















                                Mess Dress, Bullion











                      Royal Marines 

                      No.1 Dress, Bullion







                     Lovat Dress, Bullion



                       Royal Air Force

                         Worn by RAF Regiment Sniper's during London Olympics 2012



                       Private Purchase












                               Rank Slides















                C/Sgt. Royal Irish Regiment (Sniper Instructor)                                                       Sgt. Berlin Brigade (Sniper Instructor)


                  Sealed Patterns

                     No.1 Dress, Bullion


                  Kings Royal Rifle Corps                                                Royal Ulster Rifles


                     Most Infantry Regiments                                                Light Infantry



                  2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles                                                               6th QEO Gurkha Rifles 



                   Royal Irish Rangers/Royal Irish Regiment



                          No.1 Dress, Bullion



                       No.1 Dress, Bullion. Royal Marines