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Hello and Greetings from London, England. My name is Liam and I am a collector of International Military Sniper Insignia.
I have been collecting Military Sniper Insignia for over twenty years and I have found this hobby most enjoyable and rewarding.                                                                           

As with all collectors I am always trying to improve on the size of my collection and therefore I am looking for Military Sniper Badge's and Patches that I don't already have in my collection. 

If you feel you may have a Sniper Badge or Patch (new or used) that I would be interested in please contact me by email with a description and if possible a photo/scan also letting me know if it is for sale or trade I will then reply to you ASAP.

As this is a hobby and not a business I would prefer to trade than buy but appreciate at times this may not always be possible.  When trading please let me know what type of Insignia you would like in exchange.

Most Armed Forces around the world have trained Snipers but not all award a Sniper Qualification Badge or Patch.  If you have any information or photos that your Countries Armed Forces do award a Sniper Qualification Badge or Patch can you please contact the Webmaster.  

I aim to keep the Military Sniper Insignia site updated as often as possible.  Happy collecting and enjoy your stay.

Your feedback is most welcome and encouraged, thanks for stopping by.